A financial Wellness program that actually can create a happy working environment

This will help improve an employee’s financial wellness and happiness in the workplace.

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With our Web/Mobile based journey, instant advances are really fast, secure & easy.


24/7 fully digital experience. Apply for Advances and get it transferred to your bank in just few clicks!

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SalaryCredits provides a seamless integration with most of the HRMS platforms.


Why Employee Financial Well-Being Should Be on Your Agenda

1 in every 3 employee is struggling financially and uses expensive forms of borrowing, which makes it even more difficult to get out of the vicious cycle.

There is a huge negative impact of poor financial health on employee engagement and productivity and the potential domino effect on company performance. SalaryCredits helps to minimize money worries of your employees.


SalaryCredits funds all Advances requests. There is no liability to the employer. Funds are recovered automatically.


SalaryCredits has a dedicated employee support team to answer all the queries(Text/Voice).There are no additional tasks for the employer.


SalaryCredits offers all the Advances at most competitive prices which is best suited for every employee.


Security, Simplicity, Easiness

We employ a variety of experts to put together a full service solution.

No More Financial Stress

Advances can reach your Bank Account within few minutes (usually same working day) unlike other banks.

No Additional Debt

Payoff your expensive debts and buy things you need, Salary Advances are offered with higher acceptance and lower interest rates than other banks.

No More Late Fees

With SalaryCredits, you don't have to worry about late fees or charges, your monthly payments are done directly from payroll.

Work smarter with powerful automation

SalaryCredits enables employers to significantly reduce the financial stress of their employees. It is an easy-to-use, online platform that lets individuals feel confident, informed and optimistic about overcoming personal financial challenges. Such fair access to finance, contributes in improving their financial well being.

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for Employer

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for Employer

Employee Financial Benefits
Employee Financial Support

Make it simpler with Quick Commands

  • Refiller & Exciting Recommended offers.

  • Debt Consolidation, Card, Rent & Bill Payments.

  • Restructure & instant foreclosures of Advances.

  • Download Statement of accounts and & NOC.

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

SalaryCredits is an online platform that enables your employees to get access to hassle free finance.

Friendly Interface

Simply access your SalaryCredits Dashboard and you can create your profile with simple few steps and choose from various offers.

Extremely Flexible

SalaryCredits account gives you the most flexible terms to choose from like you take advances for Days, Weeks or Months.

Employee Financial Growth
Financial Wisdom

Access our Financial Wisdom tools & tips to help you handle your money better. Our financial wisdom hub is free to access.

No more financial stress,
live your life today

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Stories From Our Customers

SalaryCredits is building communities of employees who are firmly in control of their money. Let's see what employee say about SalaryCredits

No more paper work, 100% online

SalaryCredits is a company that offers a variety of services. SalaryCredits can be accessed 24X7 and has an integrated system to ensure the timely payment of advances.


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Got Questions? Look Here

Tell me more about SalaryCredits loan?

SalaryCredits loans are personal loans/Salary Advances for employees of our partner organisations. They are part of our portfolio of financial wellbeing benefits. Our rates are typically more competitive than those of traditional lenders. Our loans usually start from ₹1,000 and go up to ₹2,00,000. Our interest rate for loans is specific to your employer. Click the 'My Offers' button on your SalaryCredits dashboard to find your offers.

How do I apply for a SalaryCredits loan?

The application process is simple and digital which is very quick. There’s no paperwork needed. In some situations we may contact you to provide further information. We accept online applications only.

How do I make loan repayments?
  • SalaryCredits loan/Advances repayments are usually debited directly from your salary.

  • If for whatever reason we cannot take payments directly from your salary, we will start deducting repayments by ACH mandate. You can foreclose/repay the loan in full or make partial payment at any time, with no additional fee.

What is Salary Advance?

Salary Advance is an employee benefit that provides you with access to your earned salary before end of the month. With Salary Advance, you can access your earned salary at almost any point in the month. 100% of your earned salary is a typical threshold.

Will the salary deductions affect my tax?

No. Payments will be made from your net salary post taxes have been deducted. SalaryCredits payments are not a tax exempt benefit of any kind.

When will I receive my loan?

Once you've sent us your bank details and digitally signed your loan agreement, we'll be able to send the loan amount to you. We aim to have the money to you within an hour - loans are sent out 24/7 but things can be a little slower at the weekend and overnight.

The funds will be transferred directly to your bank account via IMPS/NEFT payments. At most, you should expect to receive your loan within 1 day.

What happens if I leave my employer?

If you leave your employer and there are still loan repayments outstanding, we’ll take repayments by Direct Debit using the bank account details you provided during the application process. The interest rate and repayment schedule remain the same.

Does my slaryslip get affected by taking Salary Advance?

Your salary on salaryday will normally be reduced by the amount that you have taken Advance. It's very simple —no further action required! If you take an Advance after payroll has been processed, your employer will deduct it from next month’s salary.

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